Assessment and Design

Organisational Assessment and design with Clemorton

We have enjoyed helping many of our client organisations in various industry sectors from SME’s to large multinationals recruit, assess and develop within their talent management strategy.


Talent Management

Our approaches and tools vary immensely depending upon your exact requirements and business needs. Examples of our product and service around your talent management and succession planning often include:

  • Development Centre’s – allowing you to benchmark staff against roles and develop organisational training plans and Programmes with this information. Great for retention and engagement of staff.
  • Appraisal system development – your process will only work as well as it is understood and embraced by your employees. Your managers need the critical skills to carry out your process effectively.
  • Leadership and Management Assessment – talent management and development for succession planning.
  • Manager & Team Assessment – enhance management and development of employees.
  • Team Assessment – to enhance cohesiveness and reduce conflict.
  • Assessment Centre’s – to identify and develop internal talent.
  • Job role Profiling Assessment – clarify behaviours required to be successful in the role.
  • Interview style Assessments– evaluate a candidate’s capability to perform in the role.
  • Individual Profile Assessments – evaluation of workplace behaviours and job match.

With all of our services in this arena we can produce comprehensive individual reports for each participant.  

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