Management and Leadership Foundation Courses

Management and leadership fundamentals

Good management practices impact profitability. We can offer your company a wide range of management fundamentals training. The types of courses we offer are outlined below and we always aim to make them as tailored as possible to your sector and environment.

Clemorton management training is developed and delivered by experienced ex-senior leaders and managers, who understand the theoretical and practical applications of sound management fundamentals.

Appraisal Skills

Who will benefit?

  1. Those involved in assessing other members of staff in terms of annual performance.
  2. Managers at all levels.

Why choose this course?
Appraising performance is a potential nightmare scenario for both employee and appraiser alike. The outcome of a good appraisal system should be a Win-Win situation for both parties. People development leading to higher business returns through greater achievement of business goals and targets is the end result of competent, objective-based and ongoing appraisal.

What delegates will learn

  • Understand the benefits and the pitfalls of various appraisal systems
  • How to recognise the consequences of a bad appraisal
  • How to prepare, plan and conduct staff appraisals in keeping with the objectives of your organisation


Introduction To Management

Who will benefit?

Those on a management development career pathway either newly appointed to a management position or who will expect to be in a management position within 12 months.

Why choose this course?
First line managers are a vital resource in any organisation and yet, incredibly, many are asked to carry the mantle of manager without the most basic of training.

Ensure that your potential and newly appointed managers are given the best possible chance of success.

What delegates will learn

  • Recognise the qualities of successful managers
  • Recognise and understand different management styles
  • How to motivate teams
  • The role of empowerment
  • How to set priorities and manage time effectively


Negotiation Skills

Who will benefit?
Any manager, salesperson or buyer involved in selling services/products/ideas where flexible approaches are required to close a deal or gain acceptance from employees.

Why choose this course?

Being able to negotiate well does two things for your organisation;

It ensures that both parties get a fair deal and It enhances your credibility with customers and employees.

Good negotiators strive always to achieve a Win-Win scenario, which leaves both parties feeling good about the process and the outcomes.

What delegates will learn

  • What negotiation is and is not
  • A 6-step process for negotiating which can be used with customers and colleagues as well as senior management
  • Competent negotiation leads to effective use of your Company resources with better returns, which clearly impacts profitability.


Recruitment Selection – Introduction To Interviewing

Who will benefit?
Anyone without formal interviewing training and those recently promoted to positions with responsibility for interviewing, e.g. New Managers.

Why choose this course?
Any organisation is only as good as the people working within it. Recruitment selection therefore, is a time consuming and potentially costly process, which requires professional handling if it is to be cost-effective. Those involved in staff selection must appreciate that the risks attached to employing any candidate should be minimised as far as possible.

What delegates will learn

  • Basic concepts in recruitment and selection
  • How to construct and use job descriptions and employee profiles
  • How to screen CVs
  • How to conduct a selection interview
  • How to use behavioural questioning techniques
  • How to avoid unfair discrimination


Team Development & Managing Teams

Who will benefit?

  1. Anyone responsible for achieving results by managing teams of people.
  2. Managers at all levels.
  3. Those on a management career pathway expecting to be in a management position in the near future.

Why choose this course?

Good individuals make a difference. good teams make a Company or organisation. Ability to harness individuals’ skills and talents for the benefit of team performance is a key attribute of all successful managers.

What delegates will learn

  • Action centred approaches to teamwork
  • How teams evolve and how to manage effectively each stage of evolution
  • Team role profiling
  • How to balance the roles in a team


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