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Our Selling Skills, Leadership Skills and Management Training Course menu comprehensively covers all aspects of sales training and Leadership and Management development. Clemorton courses are continually refined and updated to ensure that we are in line with current business thinking.

Our constant interaction with International Business and Leading Academic Institutions allows us to keep your skills in line with the high expectations in the marketplace.

Organisational Development – Whether you are looking to set up a team with no prior training, develop your next management recruits from within or wishing to enhance the skills of your current management team, Clemorton will supply the appropriate training.

We also have extensive experience working with Senior Leadership, Board Level and Executive Teams enabling us to facilitate and coach at the highest level within your organisation.

We are of course happy to discuss your individual training needs and tailor to your requirements. We can bespoke our training courses to suit individual clients and business challenges.

Advanced management and leadership

Sales skills for every level

Sales Skills Training is very important in organisations where highly skilled sales people can make the difference between an average Company and an outstanding, highly successful Company.

Critical soft skills

Soft skills are hard

Soft skills are often actually the hardest to master. Here we offer a suite of workshops designed to enhance and improve all staffs competence for the critical elements of functioning at a higher level within your organisation.

Management and leadership fundamentals

Management training

Clemorton management training is developed and delivered by experienced senior leaders, who understand the theoretical and practical applications of sound management fundamentals.

Essential management skills programme

Key management skills

This programme is designed to give supervisors and managers key learning and new skills, which will enable them to improve and continue to drive performance through people.

Advanced management and leadership

Leadership training

Consolidation of management and leadership skills will ensure that your business is continually moving forward. We have a range of development courses available for your more experienced staff.

Dynamic Leadership Programme

Psychology of leadership

This is a 3 day programme which aims to analyse individual managers experiences and choices as a leader. It is centred around a more reflective and psychological level of analysis and approach.

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“Clemorton provides quality training at quality value with a quality return on your business’ most important asset – its people!”

Tony Green – Head of Global Human Resources Processes – LSG Group
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