Exceutive coaching with Clemorton

Our Clemorton Executive coaching service has become more popular in recent years for one reason- CEOS, leaders, entrepreneurs and managers have found that it works well.

Executive Coaching:

So why are these leaders turning to us? What are they getting out of it? Interestingly, most leaders we work with aren’t hiring coaches to get advice on a business strategy.

Most of them tell us that the biggest reason is for, “self awareness”, shining a light back on their approach and personal understanding, followed by,  ”Interpersonal relationships, listening skills and empathy.”

Many leaders rise up the ladder by relying heavily on their technical skills, intelligence, and drive. However, once you reach the upper levels of leadership, you need a new set of skills to lead and develop your people, which is what many leaders are working at improving upon.

Here are some of the key benefits of executive coaching for you and your organization.

  1. Raised levels Self Awareness.
  2. Improved employee motivation, engagement, retention and development
  3. Clearer vision
  4. More robust strategies and decision making
  5. Heightened levels of emotional intelligence
  6. Greater resilience and energy in achieving goals

The Clemorton approach is based on developing strengths, in order to achieve excellence.  

Some of our commonly requested courses include


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