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Sales Skills Training is very important in organisations where highly skilled sales people can make the difference between an average Company and an outstanding, highly successful Company. In short – professionally trained sales people and sales managers impact profitability.

We offer an extensive suite of customised and bespoke solutions to increase your performance.

We have below listed some examples of sales training courses/workshops to help you see who might benefit.

Introduction To Selling

Who will benefit?

  1. Newly appointed salespeople with little or no previous formal training in selling or needing to acquire sales skills.
  2. Those who are new to the concept of Needs/Benefit/Solution based selling.

Why choose this course?

Professional selling skills training increases the conversion rate of opportunities into sales, which after all, is the ultimate aim of every sales based industry.

What delegates will learn

  1. Introduction to selling
  2. How to sell product/service benefits related to customer needs
  3. How to handle objections
  4. The importance of pre and post-call evaluation

Advanced Sales Skills (Social Style Selling)

Who will benefit?

  1. Sales people with 1-5 years experience wishing to upgrade their selling ability.
  2. Those involved in complex selling or key account management.
  3. Managers involved in sales accompanied visits or coaching.

Why choose this course?

Advanced selling techniques build on basic selling skills to improve the likelihood of successful outcomes through an increased appreciation of how and where to use key skills.

What delegates will learn

  1. How to use new selling techniques to get closer to your customers
  2. How to recognise the Primary Buying Motivators of different customer types
  3. Effective use of Needs/Benefit selling to appeal to Primary Motivators
  4. How to handle objections more effectively
  5. Your ability to convert opportunities into sales will have a direct impact on your business’s PROFITABILITY.

Key Account Management Training

Who will benefit?
Sales people or managers with the responsibility for developing the company’s major customers.

Why choose this course?

Key account management is much more than just sales. It is one of the most important areas of focus when trying to ensure both consolidation and growth, because of the nature of the customers selected.

What delegates will learn

  1. How to determine who is key and who is not. Why do you differentiate and what factors do you consider. Once they have identified the key account, how to keep them buying your product, and how to grow the business.
  2. The techniques appropriate at each stage and when to move on.
  3. The part our personality type has on who we choose and how we develop them? How to adjust to connect effectively with existing key accounts to grow our business, and how to develop others, by adapting our behaviour.

Negotiation Skills

Who will benefit?
Any salesperson or buyer involved in selling services/products where flexible approaches are required to close a deal.

Why choose this course?

Being able to negotiate well does two things for your organisation;

  1. It ensures that both parties get a fair deal and.
  2. It enhances your credibility with customers.

Good negotiators strive always to achieve a Win-Win scenario, which leaves both parties feeling good about the process and the outcomes.

What delegates will learn

  1. What negotiation is and is not
  2. A 6-step process for negotiating
  3. Competent negotiation leads to effective use of your Company resources with better returns, which clearly impacts PROFITABILITY.

Presentation Skills

Who will benefit?

Anyone involved in presenting to groups.

Why choose this course?

Good communication is the art of making ones’ self understood by others – regardless of an audience member’s expertise or knowledge of the subject matter being presented. An integral part of modern communication is the ability to effectively present ideas, plans, recommendations, proposals and training material to groups of people.

This course is very practical in nature with delegates receiving detailed feedback after each presentation exercise. Video recording and playback can be used on some courses to demonstrate delegates’ progress throughout the course.

What delegate will learn

  1. How to prepare and structure presentations.
  2. Presentation delivery.
  3. How to manage the environment.
  4. Group control techniques.
  5. How to cope with nervousness.

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