Tips from a Sales Trainer – Part 4 – Needs Analysis

This is the most skilled aspect within solution selling. In many cases when products or service are required to be actively sold, the most successful and consistent sales people will have the skills and behavioural competence to position what they offer against the identified needs and challenges the customer faces.

Tips from a Sales Trainer – Part 3 – Understanding your customer’s problems

Understanding your customer’s problems requires you to not focus on your product or service.

If you haven’t read it already, then have a look at our Tips from a Sales Trainer Part 1 – Rapport building – A game of chance or a key skill to develop?

Typical sales training has a focus around understanding your product or service, what it does, how many bells and whistles it has as well as how to position it with a client with the assumed expectation that they will salivate uncontrollably as the slickly honed patter is trotted out by the sales person.

Tips from a Sales Trainer – Part 2 – Moving from Rapport to Business

The power of a customer focused verbal agenda

In our first post, we looked at building rapport. You’ve now mastered that and built good rapport, and you now want to move the conversation to a business focus, which is easy to get wrong and lose the opportunity very quickly. We now move to turning it into business.