Simone Button, Chief Operating Officer, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

“It was a real pleasure and a great help having Stuart working with our Children and Young People leadership team. Stuart was skilled, approachable and knowledgeable. What was delivered was a bespoke approach to the development of leadership skills of the team depending on the issues that they were facing at any one time. Although Stuart and I had agreed at the start a programme of work delivered over 6 sessions,
it benefited to have a pre meet before each session where I discussed problems that the team were facing, and Stuart was able to shift the programme around so that it focused on solutions to the here and now.  Unlike many other leadership programmes which are pre determined, Stuarts programme offered a degree of flexibility and bespoke provision that was especially well received.
It was also useful for the team to identify and scope a project to carry out through the duration of the course, which gave them a real and ‘live’ opportunity to apply skills developed.  Alongside that, very useful tools were shared by Stuart which leaders could put in place to resolve problems experienced within the service, which enabled the service to promote staff engagement and clinical and managerial partnership working.”